Western Bay Drugs Commission

Western Bay Drugs Commission,

Figure 8 has been commissioned by the Western Bay Area Planning Board for Substance Misuse in South Wales to help set-up and facilitate an independent Drugs Commission to explore the high number of drug-related deaths in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot. The Commission will operate on a similar basis to the Dundee Drugs Commission that was facilitated by Figure 8 and convened between 2018-2022 [Dundee Drugs Commission | Dundee City Council]

Neath Port Talbot and Swansea have consistently recorded the highest rates of drug-related deaths across all Welsh Health Board areas. During 2021-22, there were 41 recorded drug misuse deaths, at a rate of 11.3 per 100,000 population.

In response, the Western Bay Area Planning Board for Substance Misuse (APB) has launched the independent Western Bay Drugs Commission.

The new Commission will:

  • Consider the nature, extent, and impact of substance use across the region.
  • Specifically explore drug-related harms and deaths (inclusive of illegal, illicit, prescription and alcohol use).
  • Have active regard for the wider (cultural, economic, familial, psychological, and social) determinants and influences of problematic substance use.
  • Be a critical friend to all stakeholders (local commissioners, communities, leaders, and providers).
  • Use and adapt learning from the Swansea Poverty Truth Commission Model.
  • Use, and adapt where necessary, the independent Dundee Drugs Commission Model (Dundee Drugs Commission | Dundee City Council).
  • Ensure that our final report includes recommendations on additional priorities for practical and achievable action.

Anyone affected by problematic drug or alcohol use across the Western Bay area (Swansea/Neath Port Talbot) – personally, or through relatives or friends; professionals or interested members of the public, are being invited to tell their stories, via an  to help drive the new commission’s work.

Full details of the work of the Commission can be viewed here