Recovery Support Tayside

Recovery Support, Workforce Learning & Development
On Behalf of: NHS Tayside and the three Tayside Alcohol and Drug Partnerships
Conducted in Partnership with:
Brief overview of project:

Figure 8 have successfully delivered a 4 year Tayside-wide contract to help bridge the gap between treatment for drug and alcohol problems and the wider local community, and support ‘recovery focused pathways’.

The contract was primarily a workforce development piece of work, although this involved establishing a series of forums and relationships to produce better working connections in a number of different spheres:

  • specialist services connecting better with other specialist services;
  • specialist services connecting better with non-specialist services;
  • specialist services connecting better with community based groups and assets; and
  • specialist services connecting better with service user support groups, family and carer groups.

Instrumental in this process was the drive towards the evolution of stronger peer mentoring models across Tayside.

Dates of Project:
September 2011 - September 2015
Purpose of Project:
Key Aims/Objectives:
Work completed:
Outcomes of Project:

“I have worked with Andy Perkins over the last four years as part of a contract with Perth & Kinross Alcohol and Drug Partnership to promote and support recovery capital in Perth & Kinross. As part of this process Figure 8 carried out a set of surveys with non-specialist drug and alcohol services and specialist services to establish recovery baselines for our area. As result of this, a range of recovery meetings were run with a wide range of stakeholders. Andy was crucial in the delivery of these recovery engagement meetings. These meetings were well received and these meetings were the starting point for the identification of our Recovery Orientated System of Care (ROSC) resources. Figure 8 has been a key partner in the development of the recovery system in Perth and Kinross. Strategically, Andy has played a key role in our ADP Executive Group and other ADP working groups and has brought an insight to these meeting which members have appreciated and valued. This independent insight has allowed our ROSC to develop. I have no hesitation on recommending Andy and Figure 8 as they have played a significant part in our recovery journey.”
Ian Smillie (Lead Officer, Perth & Kinross Alcohol and Drug Partnership, 2015)