Evaluation Services

Measure the impact of your programmes or services, and demonstrate their value through independent evaluation from Figure 8 Consultancy. The team at Figure 8 is made up of researchers and associate consultants, who can provide expert independent evaluation services across a broad range of services and sectors, including; alcohol misuse, drug misuse, mental health, suicide prevention, offending, autism, learning disability, physical disability, homelessness and housing sectors.

We can provide the link between theory and putting things into practice.

When we are called in to evaluate how a system, process, or team is operating, we use a whole systems approach to ensure we’re providing you with multiple support options, identifying areas for improvement, facilitating the actual recommended changes, and helping you to review and evaluate the effectiveness of new and existing services.

For a long-term solution, it’s key to us that you know how to evaluate the effectiveness of your system even after we’re gone.

Those who commision us for evaluation services expect the highest standard, reliable support, and a team that can respond to individual needs with a personalised service.

One project we carried out involving primarily evaluation services, was a project for the Scottish Prison Service. We were called in to build upon previous research and update it, further developing the knowledge base on prisoners who require assistance with activities of daily living. Specifically this focussed on management of high care need prisoners, as this is expected to rise over time.

We evaluated the existing research and current procedures in place, and put together a report on recommended strategies and necessary steps to take in order to meet the general duty of care.