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Alcohol and drug misuse is a real issue across Scotland – and it’s affecting real people in real businesses – like yours. It’s not easy to recognise these problems in employees and workplaces, but with over one in every four adults in Scotland estimated to be drinking to harmful or hazardous levels , not to mention other issues with alcohol and drugs, the chances are your business is already being affected.

The bottom line – alcohol and drug misuse affects business performance
Accidents, sickness days, compensation claims against employers who dismiss employees without complying with legislation – these are just some of the ways addictive behaviour impacts on business. And it all adds up.
• Alcohol-related absence costs British industry over £2 billion a year
• Drug misuse costs £800 million

It pays dividends to be proactive
Knowing the signs of addictive behaviour, and having a policy in place to deal with it, can help protect your business against the negative and costly impacts of substance misuse.

Why Figure 8?
We are ideally placed to help you with these issues. Our Director and Associate Consultants have vast experience of working with, and managing, drug and alcohol treatment services across the UK.