Scottish Drugs Deaths Taskforce Research Programme

Drug-related deaths, New work,


Figure 8 are delighted to be working with the University of Stirling (and other colleagues) on one of the ten research studies that have been commissioned by the Scottish Drugs Deaths Taskforce. The commissioned research programme is intended to contribute to the evidence base on: interventions to reduce drug-related deaths and overdose, the experience of people who are most at risk and the services which support them.

Our study is titled ‘Perceptions and attitudes of strategic decision-makes and affected families across Scotland towards Drug Consumption Rooms to prevent drug-related deaths’. Figure 8 will be leading the qualitative study of the views of strategic decision-makers.

The aims and objectives of our study are: To Identify 1) how DCRs are perceived, and what factors shape such perceptions; 2) whether/how such factors influence (potential) decision-making (e.g. if decision-makers would support implementation; 3) barriers/facilitators to implementation of DCRs in Scotland; 4) for strategic decision-makers, exploring anticipated workforce needs/adjustments within organisations to ensure such factors are addressed in readiness for potential implementation.